Version 0.2.6 Released

Insatiable version 0.2.6 is now released.

New Content

  • 79 images and 42 new videos
    • 1 new story scene
    • 1 new OnlySimps scene
    • 22 new optional h-scenes

Gameplay balancing changes

  • Removed Alpha Points cap. Collect all the Alpha points you want but when the Alpha cap is reached, the AP multiplier doesn't have an effect (ie. is set to 1x).
  • Revamped Chat'n'Fap system. Blaze through time by viewing camshare images as a slideshow, reducing the number of clicks and waiting time between images. Cam-sharers will also send you messages.
  • Reduced AP check penalty.
  • Removed 'Jerk-off' animations.
  • Increased bucket capacity from 5 to 10.

Other changes

  • Improved character name text readability.

Files 627 MB
Jul 06, 2023
Insatiable-0.2.6-android-1 624 MB
Jul 06, 2023

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