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Be transformed from Chode to Chad in this sex-fueled absurdist adventure.


Life's hard for Danny. No money, no girl, no life. He can't even keep a decent job. That is until he starts having vivid sex dreams. A naked woman calls out to him, yearning for him, wanting him desperately. These visions lead him down a path of new beginnings and limitless potential. But is his new life all it's made out to be?


  • Act 1: story and choice driven
  • Act 2: story and choice driven
  • Act 3: life sim / sandbox
  • Act 4: harem management
  • Act 5: the grand finale with multiple endings


  • Innovative arousal system: manage your insatiable desires on an hourly basis.
  • Plentiful sex scenes: a sex game with tons of sex. Seduce women with your transcendent sexual prowess in new and unusual ways.
  • Open sandbox in a growing world: plan your actions accordingly to maximize your daily progress.
  • Fun side quests: make money off a love-interest's OnlySimps account or chat-down beautiful women at the local night-club.


big dick, cock workship, handjob, blowjob, teasing, masturbation, alpha male, maid, teen, milf, exhibitionism, transformation, carrying, fucking, multiple positions, FFM (coming in future releases: FFFM, FFFFM, FFFFFM)

The game is inspired by the 'Bill of the Beach' comics by K.A.Z art which features, as they describe, an unrepresented category in porn (Alpha males, Straight sex, But Homo-erotic, Preposterous dimensions, Torn clothing).

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(67 total ratings)
AuthorCA Games
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Erotic, Life Simulation, Male protagonist, power-fantasy, Ren'Py, Sandbox, Story Rich, transformation
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, High-contrast


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any time frame for the next update? curious and looking forward to it 

How do you get out of the hotel room/outside/clinic cycle/stage? Been stuck in some loop of not being able to go home or earn money. 

You need to earn $150 or $200 by hanging out outside.
When you do, go to the medical clinic and the story progresses from there.


Amazing game, one of the best male protagonist sandbox rpgs out there. Can't wait for the next update

The room options on the android build are at least for me shifted up to far as a result I cannot access the mc bedroom.

Thanks for reporting. I'll see if I can fix it.

Can you send a screenshot of the menu. Can you share it on the discord?

Picture is posted in discord


I cant stop playing this game lol It's so fun lol I read that hopefully you'll be animating the scenes which would take this game to a whole new level ! Love how you integrate the webcam, neighbor, sandbox feel into this with a cool story. Not to mention the massive ... ROFL who doesn't like to see a chick bein stretched out ! Nicely done dude ! Look forward to the next update!


will you consider making the scenes animated?



great game when will the next update be ?


I'm working on it but it will be a few months before I get the next release out.

I cant ever get this game to even start on my mac. Am I doing somthing wrong? Need help.

Do you have this issue with other Renpy games or just Insatiable?

Just Insatiable. Every time I open try to open the game, the icon shows that the game is open for like a millisecond before it is forced quit on its own.

I haven't tested on a mac but I'll still try and help.

Is there a log file you can send? Probably best to join discord server and send directly to me from there.


Hey CA, ive been playing this game for a few updates and just wanted to say that the game is awesome! you should really consider making a Patreon or Subscribestar because i can see a wider range of people enjoying the game rather than randomly finding it here on Itch like I did.

glad I found the game and i always try to recommend it on reddit but other than that i never see anyone else talk about it despite its quality

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Thank you!

I am considering starting a Subscribestar when I've finished Act 3 (or when it's closer to being finished). As of now I'm not able to sustain regular monthly releases so it wouldn't be fair to monthly subsribers. I am accepting donations on itch.io though.


When can we see more Layla content?

P.s. this game awesome

(Can you add the possibilty to can choose the type of sex scene After unlock the new size girl version please)

I'm stuck in the pop-up "Pumped" (Android 0.2.5 BETA)
After doing the gym event with Summer and the pop-up "Pumped" appears I can't continue, I tried everything and don't know what to do.
If anyone can help me I would thank it, thanks for reading this and good luck.

I've just uploaded a BETA2 version of the apk. I've expanded the tutorial screen width which should make the OK button visible. This is a quick fix until I can spend more time fine-tuning the UI for Android.


Many thanks, have a good night or whatever it is for you. I really appreciate it, it's cool when a developer cares about the comments. Thanks again and big ups!

No worries. You're not the first Android user to report that issue. I'll need some time to improve the Android UI so please report any other issues you experience.

Maybe not in game problem but the antivirus pops up because of "suspicious activity". Just for your knowning.

Thanks for letting me know.

It'll be due to the file having no 'reputation' as its not a common file. Not sure what the way around it is.

Is that the case for other apks you've downloaded?

in which version do i have Access to check Summer's Mother after 6pm cause it doesn't seem to work in 0.2.4

That's the end of 0.2.4 / 0.2.5. You must have skipped past the pop-up explaining that. I'll make the end of content more apparent in future versions.

0.2.5 doesn't let me talk to the bouncer

Again, sadly, that's the end of v0.2.5 content.

When can we have the next version

Working on it. I'm planning a minor release in next few weeks but it will be a few months before another major release.


Cool ass update can't wait til the next update

I think that quest 53 is bugged. It wont give me the option to talk to alpha check her even after its 6pm

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This version (0.2.4) only goes to quest 52. A pop-up displays explaining this.


question and request. 1.on the next update will there be an "ending point" or once we complete whats coming next will we still be able to freeplay?

2. if no, can you please consider adding that. the games been entertaining so far but kind of sucks that if you dont save before you go out to celebrate (trying not to spoil anything), youll have to regress to a further back save in order to still play. makes things tedious when you only run one save file for most of the game


Thanks for the great feedback. 

In future updates I'll make sure to keep the game open at the end.

that would be greatly appreciated, otherwise keep up the  good work. really enjoyed your game so far, and looking forward to future updates


thanks for adding the open ending on the latest update. very much appreciated, and very much enjoying the latest update

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When will we be getting the next version of the game...

Just a thought can you add pregnancy too the game i would like to see summer and Gloria and the rest to get pregnant???

Working on the next version. Will post an update when its closer to release (ie. within 1 weeks of releasing)

While on android, I get stuck in the shower scene when it explains the stages of size queens as the text is too long to see any "ok" or "next" button at the bottom. Great is great and look forward to future updates!

I didn't release an android version so it's not supported but if you can reduce the text size you'll see an 'OK' button.


My suggestion is to add a replay gallery. Also I enjoyed playing version 0.2.3 and am looking forward to the next update.


Played 0.2.3 and very much enjoy this VN. Curious how this evolves into act 3 and what females are going to join the harem.

Can't open on MAC :(

Hey CA Games this was a interesting game a lot of grinding but was fun.  But have a curious question why does it say it's Version 0.2.3 but when it ends it shows / says "That's the end of version 0.2.2."  Did something happen or whats going on?

Because I forgot to change that message to v0.2.3. I hurriedly pushed out that release after many people reported an issue with v0.2.2.

Thanks for the quick reply.  It was interesting, not exactly bad.  But did see a few improvements that could be made.  It seemed like you spent more time J.O. just so you could do the scene's and that seemed like what 9 am till 4 pm you spent J.O. just so you could lose 5 arousal.  I understand the concept it just seems a tad Grindy, and that kinda ruins it.  But the story was awesome just wish they said more at Breakfast and Dinner instead of repeats.  Plus when you get towards the end of current version it was like the sex was cut out cause there was no scene or nothing just everyone left the table.  It's a good start just if you actually quit looking for the sex and more story you'll see the things that are not there.  Like Layla coming over, or calling one of the girls.  Cause you make 10 arousal VERY easily and can only lose maybe 20 or 25 per day, an that's Morning.  So look at it this way no matter what at night your 100% arousal and then 7 am your maybe at 80% and then shower your at 60% or 70% "don't have game opened atm."  But breakfast is +10 arousal and then you call someone or go over to neighbors and it's no increase or it's 10 to 20% increase.  So your back home to J.O. and your down to maybe 80% plus you wasted what 4 or 5 hours maybe more trying to lower it.  I mean if you could do something so it's not so grindy or remove the whole system of at 100% arousal you lose MORE but at less then 100% you lose less.  I don't want to waste the whole day trying to bring him down so can see the scene's only for him to goto sleep and you start over with the same issue.


Can't wait for you to drop some more


Just got done playing and now this is definitely my favorite VN

The futa orc is a relevant character or she is done?

She'll come back but won't be a featured character.

Não averá versão Android??

I can include an Android version in next release. Coming out in a few days.

Posso incluir uma versão do Android na próxima versão. Saindo em alguns dias.


Thanks. Workaround for not being able to sleep is to not do any activities after 12am. Fix will be in future release.

Character bio and progress will be in a future release.

Promising looking Game, decent amount of Content for a V0.3, missing a Discord to communicate tough. - Maybe even a Patreon?

Thanks. Patreon is going through approval process.
Will setup a Discord in time for next release.

Discord is now up.

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The bedroom scene is broken I am stuck in a loop i don't have access to the sleeping option and i can't leave the bedroom i made a new save and it still happen it a game breaking bug but the game in general is great it as a tonne of potential.

Sorry for that. Can you let me know the time, stage and location (ie. which bedroom) you're experiencing the bug and I'll upload a fixed version.

(4 edits)

The MC bedroom during stage 18 and 19 also the Time is broken the hour shown is 42 pm.


Thanks. I found the issue and I'll release a minor build with the fix soon.



why beta point??




I'll set one up at a later date when the game's more mature.

Discord is now up.


This is pretty fantastic. It's very stupid, but in a good & fun way. I'm definitely interested in seeing the game developed further.


I was worried at first with the start wondering if it was a joke on how your character looked i was like OMG what kind of game is this, haha, but there is a twist to it i was surpised, so far i like it , your game is different and thats a good thing most games today i play like this are the same kinda like good looking guy, big thing, gets all the girl without even trying you know but yours starts out different, i would like to see how it ends if you go back to the way you was but better.



Hello, the game looks good and interesting, but what is the content you have planned for the future? example which tags are going to be implemented, is it a harem style game or ntr/swinging/sharing?

Thanks for your feedback. It is planned to be more a dating/harem style game, not ntr.